Lazaro Quinata is a graduate of the University of Guam with a major in Sociology and minor in CHamoru Studies. He has contributed and collaborated with Guampedia in a professional capacity multiple times. He officially joined the Guampedia team as Media Production and Research Assistant in 2018 and is now a contributing researcher and writer. Quinata has represented Guam in the National History Day Competition in the documentary category for the majority of his middle and high school career, garnering third place nationwide in 2015 with his group entry titled, “The 9th Guam Congress: Catalyzing Change, Revolutionizing Politics.”

Quinata has been an active advocate for the practice and preservation of CHamoru culture. He has worked intimately with the Guam Preservation Trust, Humatak Community Foundation, and University of Guam’s CHamoru Club, Mañe’lon Marianas, on a variety of projects and events aimed at the promotion of the culture on the island.

Guampedia entries by Lazaro Quinata