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Back to Sumai Event Gallery

Photos from the Back to Sumai event by Edward B. San Nicolas, US Navy Base Guam’s Joint Region Marianas Public Affairs Office, and Guampedia.

Contemporary Guam Gallery

Gallery of Contemporary Era Guam (1970-Present) images featured in Guampedia.

Guamanian Era Gallery

A collection of images featured in from the Guamanian Era (1950-1970).

Post War Era Gallery

The Post War or Post World War II Era (1944-1950) Gallery is a collection of images utilized in Guampedia entries.

WWII-Japanese Era Gallery

View images of Guam’s World War II/Japanese Era featured in

Naval Era Gallery

The Naval Era (1898-1941) Gallery is a collection of images in Guampedia for related entries.

Spanish Era Gallery

A collection of images representing the Spanish Era (1668 – 1898) of Guam and the Mariana Islands.

Ancient CHamoru Era Gallery

Illustrations and images representing Ancient Chamorros/CHamorus.

Celebrating CHamoru Nobenas

The Mariana Islands were introduced to the Roman-Catholic tradition of the novena, a nine night devotional prayer ritual,by the Spanish colonizers. CHamoru people embraced the novena practice to fulfill their spiritual and cultural needs when their indigenous prayers and ancestral worship were outlawed by the Spanish priests. Through the course of over 300 years, CHamorus […]

Hinanao: Travelers and Descendants of Travelers

The word hinanao refers to “travel” and “travelers.” The Mariana Islands have hosted a multitude of travelers over the centuries such as Spanish Galleons, whaling ships, and the US Navy. In turn, CHamorus/Chamorros traveled out from the Marianas to other parts of Micronesia and the world for economic opportunities, education, and of course, adventure.