Youngyoon Amy Seo earned a BS in Biology, BA in East Asian Studies, and MS in Community Health and Prevention Research from Stanford University in 2024. She has early roots in South Korea and immigrated to Guam with her parents in 2008. She graduated from St. John’s School of Guam as the valedictorian in 2018.

During her high school years, Amy recognized a gap in Guam’s contemporary history, specifically the Asian immigrants’ stories that are yet to be heard. She took this curiosity to Stanford and continued to pursue research in Pacific history while learning more about Korean history, immigration policies, and Asian American Studies. Amy submitted her thesis titled “The Korean Touch in Guam: Challenging standard identity politics” under the guidance of Dafna Zur, director of the Center for East Asian Studies at Stanford University.

In addition to her work in the humanities, Seo has worked at an ophthalmology lab for the past six years, focusing on regenerative biomaterials for enhanced corneal wound healing, and has published a dozen manuscripts and conference abstracts. In her free time, she enjoys golfing, playing the violin, and cooking Korean cuisine.

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