Photo by Victor Consaga

Tuba rice cakes


  • 5 pounds long grain rice
  • 1 pint sweet tuba (fermented coconut sap)
  • 1 pint water
  • 5 pounds sugar

Add water to cover the level of rice. Let rice soak for two hours, then rinse and drain. Grind rice to a powder. Mix the remaining ingredients and allow to soak overnight. Stir three times during the night. Pour into poto cups and steam for ten minutes. May be baked at 350 degrees for 10 minutes or until golden brown. Serve with butter.

(Poto cups are individual stainless steel cups. A cupcake tray may be used to substitute individual cups.)

By Belle H. Gumataotao

Editor’s note: This recipe is from Lepblon Fina’tinas Para Guam: Guam Cookbook, 1985. Reprinted with permission from Congresswoman Madeleine Z. Bordallo, Y Inetnon Famalao’an* (Women’s Association).

* Y Inetnon Famalao’an was a women’s organization composed of cabinet wives and women executives in the government of Guam.