Post WWII Era Politics and Government Entries

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  1. Civil Rights and US Citizenship (1898-1950)
  2. English and Chamorro Language Policies
  3. Guam Congress Walkout
  4. Guam Echo and Guam Eagle
  5. Institute of Ethnic Affairs
  6. National Attention on Guam’s Postwar Campaign for Citizenship
  7. Organic Act of Guam
  8. Role of Education in the Preservation of Guam’s Indigenous Language
  9. Security Clearance on Guam


  1. Carlos Pangelinan Taitano
  2. Concepcion Cruz Barrett
  3. Eduardo “Jake” Calvo
  4. Governor Carlton Skinner
  5. Governor Henry Larsen
  6. Laura Thompson
  7. Simon Sanchez