Youngest Chamorro principal

Established in 1965, the Barrigada Elementary School was renamed the Baltazar P. Carbullido Elementary School, commonly referred to as B.P. Carbullido Elementary. Guam Public Law 08-82 was enacted on January 14, 1966, to honor the public servant and civic leader. Although there is no annual founder’s day celebration in honor of Carbullido, a color portrait and biography are prominently displayed in the main office of the school.

Carbullido was born on February 18, 1900, in the southern village of Agat. He was the son of Jesus Blanco Carbullido and Enriqueta Borja Pangelinan. Baltazar Carbullido married Aurelia Sablan Borja on October 16, 1920. Together they raised eight children: Agnes, Bill, Charlie, Delfina, Eddie, Fred, Gilbert, Helen, Ivan and Josephine.

At fifteen, Carbullido graduated from school and taught for a year before being assigned as principal of Asan Elementary School. Appointed at the age of sixteen, he is noted as being the youngest Chamorro principal. He also served as principal of Sumay, Maxwell, Dyer, Piti, Anigua and Barrigada schools. He retired as Barrigada Elementary School principal.

Politically, Carbullido served as a leader in the 2nd through 8th Guam Congresses. He was also a lieutenant colonel in the Guam Militia. As a military leader, he encouraging other members to serve others before themselves and to continue to learn as much as they could to prepare themselves for life.

Civically, Carbullido was an active Rotarian in the Rotary Club of Guam. He was a founding member of the Young Men’s League of Guam. He was also known for his business acumen, having established one of Guam’s earliest insurance companies and retail businesses in the village of Barrigada.

Carbullido died in March 17, 1963 at the age of sixty-three.

By Patricia Long Diego

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