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Playing our games! (Part 5 of 5)


Social Studies, History, Art


Middle School, 6-8
High School, 9-12

Time required

50 minutes

Materials required

Snacks and drinks (optional)

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Lesson Plan


Students will celebrate the end of this unit by playing each others’ games.


  • Students will culminate the unit by playing games designed by their peers.
  • Students will have completed an entire game design.
  • Students will have learned that games can focus on Guam history, and that they can create game by themselves.

Questions or Assessment

  • How are games designed?
  • How are games improved during the creation process?
  • How can games be used to teach the history of Guam?


Teacher prep
Bring in healthy snacks and drink (optional).

Playing Games! (40 minutes)

  1. Student will separate into groups of four (different groups from the previous day).
  2. Students will take turns playing each others’ games for ten minutes each.
    • The game designer is allowed to play.
    • Advise students to restrain from critiquing the games.
  3. If possible, provide some snacks and drink to add to the celebratory mood (and to relax students who may be nervous about having peers play their games).

Wrapping it Up (10 minutes)
Recap what we’ve done and learned in the unit:

“Congratulations students! We’ve learned about different ways of teaching, and learned that games can be one of these effective methods. We learned about resources to use when researching Guam history, and utilized these resources in creating our own games. We learned how games are improved through paper play-tests, and we practiced this process ourselves. Finally, we celebrated by playing our own games on Guam history!”

Ask students for their favorite parts of the unit.