A Artero

Sometimes life is short. Short, but no less eventful, especially in the case of Andrew Diaz Artero. To those who knew him best, the signs of an environmentalist, a “water person,” an artist, a poet, a musician and even a stand-up comedian were evident even in his youth. So it didn’t surprise anyone when he grew into those roles as an adult. The fact that he grew into one of Guam’s fierce and rugged rugby players is a different and perhaps an unforeseen story entirely.

After high school, Artero left his beloved island to pursue an education in marine affairs at the University of Miami. It was there that a casual interest in film turned into a deeper pursuit and he expanded his studies to include communications/film.

His ambition as a filmmaker was still in its infancy when he disappeared while fishing at Urunao Beach in June of 2007. His dream was to marry his passions (film and his culture) in an artistic attempt to tell the story of the Chamorro people. That dream lives on through the efforts of Guampedia and his support of the project Puntan yan Fu’una.

Andrew Artero wrote the script for I Tinituhon: Puntan yan Fu’una, a short film that tells the Chamorro creation myth of the world, universe, and people.

Guampedia entry by Andrew Diaz Artero

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