Cover Story: Appeal Against Annexation

Volume 3, Number 8

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Table of Contents

1. Appeal Against Annexation, No Annexation
2. Prizes Awarded
3. The Lost Civilizations of the Pacific Ocean, by W.G. Johnston
4. Memoirs of Don Felipe de la Corte, Eleven years as Governor of Guam
5. Agricultural Notes
6. Social Doings in Guam
7. Department of Education Notes, Opposed to Annexation
8. Tested Recipes and Domestic Science Hints, by Mrs. H.A. Nagle
9. Welcome of Netherland Submarine
10. Financial Report Guam Chapter American Red Cross
11. Elks’ Raise Flag Over Anigua School
12. Orders and Notices
13. Vital Statistics, Shipping Notes
Mail Schedule
Meteorological Observations