Samantha Marley Barnett is a native Chamoru from the island of Guam, and is actively involved in fighting for Guam’s future as a decolonized independent nation. She has testified at the United Nations regarding the US military abuse and contamination of the island and Guam’s right to self-determination twice. Barnett is 2019 graduate of Ethnic Studies at Mills College in Oakland, California and a graduate student at University of Hawai’i.

She was an editorial intern at Aunt Lute Books, a feminist publishing house in San Francisco, and at the University of Guam Press. Barnett was the editor-in-chief of The Womanist, a literary journal for women of color at Mills College. 

Guampedia entries by Samantha Marley Barnett

  1. Beatrice Perez Emsley
  2. Challenge to CHamoru self-determination: Davis v Guam
  3. Simon Sanchez
  4. Dr. Pedro Cruz Sanchez

Guampedia entry Co-authored by Samantha Marley Barnett

  1. Ignacia Bordallo Butler