William Hernandez was trained and certified in museum work at the National Museum of the Philippines and the Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC, and then served as the Guam Museum Curator from 1985 until 1993.

Upon taking the helm of the Guam Museum with its one small exhibit facility, Hernandez advocated for the building of a national museum, promoting the authentic history of the CHamoru people and defining CHamoru nationality through outreach exhibits at the Guam CAHA Gallery, the Guam Judicial Center, libraries of the public high schools, shopping malls and at off-island venues.

Hernandez’s knowledge of Guam history, skills in graphic design and photography produced exhibits and publications that promoted the important connection of “CHamoru” and the “Guam Museum.” He initiated the “Tungo I Irensia-mu” Heritage Awareness program which produced the exhibits “I Minagahet” and “Lusong.” In these exhibits, artifacts and documents, including Hurao’s speech in CHamoru and English, that represented the historical, political struggle of the CHamoru people, were displayed.