US Naval Cemetery

The US Naval Cemetery, along side Marine Corps Drive in East Hagåtña, was first opened by the US Naval government in 1902 and is currently a part of the Hagåtña Heritage Walking Trail. In 2003, the Department of Parks and Recreation’s (DPR) Adopt-a-Park program formed a partnership between the US Navy and the community of Guam to maintain the site.

The cemetery contains 254 burials, dating back to the Spanish-American War, World War I, World War II and the Korean War. The interment of its first occupant occurred in 1902 and the most recent in 1955. A popular misconception is that only US service members are buried; but in fact there are graves for US Army soldiers, seven German sailors, several German civilians, Chamorro service members and military dependents, including many children.

It has been nominated as a national historic site.

By Joe Garrido, DPR