In 1973, a Guam Political Status Commission was created to determine what political status was desired by the people of Guåhan. It was the first official body set up to address Guåhan’s political status. The Commission provided the public information about the legal and political status of Guåhan with the US. Chaired by Senator Frank G. Lujan it was comprised of nine senators: Joseph F. Ada, Antonio M. Palomo, Adrian C. Sanchez, Francisco R. Santos, Richard F. Taitano, Paul M. Calvo, Jesus U. Torres, and Paul J. Bordallo. The commission suggested that Guåhan’s interim status be similar to the commonwealth status of Puerto Rico and the one being negotiated by the Northern Marianas at the time. However, the commission faced difficulty in moving the issue of political status with inaction by US Congress and the local community. The commission recommended the development of a constitution to have greater control over Guåhan’s governance.