Cover Story: Communications

Second Series: Volume 3, Number 1
Cover photo by Fr. George Maddock, OFM, Cap.

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Table of Contents

1. From Outrigger to Satellite, by John Driver
2. Lattes of the Marianas, by Felicia Plaza
3. Guam Pre-history, by Fred M. Reinman
4. From Council to Parliament, by Thomas B. McGrath, SJ
5. NASA at Dan Dan
6. Station KGTF, by Dan Smith
7. Federal Aviation Agency, by Edgar Pearson
8. Seacom, from Guam Daily News
9. Earth Station, by RCA Relay
10. Commercial Pacific Cable Company, by Herbert Taylor
11. Station KUAM, by Hugh Barton
12. Naval Communications Station
13. Success….Well Done, by Dave Pittack
14. AFRS at Andersen, by Thomas B. McGrath, SJ
15. AFNG at NCS, from Crossroads
16. English on Guam, by Monika Kehoe
17. Spoken Chamorro Tomorrow, by Donald M. Topping